Hi! We’re an anonymous, biweekly, one-sheet literary magazine dedicated to making good writing and artwork publishable and accessible to all. The three founders of Bathruminations were inspired when watching the movie Amelie. If you have not seen that delightful French movie (then do it!), the title character spends much of her time anonymously- and in small, whimsical ways- trying to influence the world. We decided to give it a shot as well. Bathruminations goes on the walls of bathroom stalls in cafes across Edinburgh and Brighton, so that truly anyone can have the chance to interact with art even in a place as stigmatized and frequently vandalized as a bathroom. As our goal is to be as unobtrusive a middle person between artwork/writing and consumer, we do not charge anything for Bathruminations, and appreciate any donations to our publication (soon we shall have a link to a donations page). If you would like to get involved, we accept submissions from all over the world! Visit our submissions page to find out more. Also, if you think you would like to help spread the joy of bathroom reading, drop us an email at bathruminations@gmail.com and help us spread Bathruminations even farther afield, to other cities and places. All our works can be freely accessed on this website. Enjoy (:

The current editors:

bathruminations pic
Joanne- Brighton 


The founders:





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