It started snowing

more and more heavily as we left the town.

I hoped it would snow

so thickly that we’d be forced to stay,

to return to the cosy room, stoke the fire,

with time on our hands,

but it was not to be.

Here we are, back in the city.

Snow never lies for long on the wet pavements,

and sometimes there is no respite.

I can’t help feeling we should have  stayed

in the town surrounded by hills,

and woken up tomorrow

in a peaceful world of white.


Autumnal beginnings

After a work-induced hiatus we are back! We will be bringing unique literature and art to a bathroom near you (currently Brighton, Edinburgh and Glasgow-we have yet to conquer the north of England).

Keep on eye on this page for some exciting social media updates.  As always, we’d love to see anything that you have to send us, be it poetry, short stories or illustration. (Just send us a little email at

Here’s some from the latest publication, Volume 2, Issue 1.


Take my love

Like a piece of bread

Put it in a toaster

Then leave and forget


Watch it grow black

Try scraping the burnt

Eat what is left

It’s all you deserve.