I am all the hours you had wasted

Dumped in an endless dream

I will scare you if you come near

I cry and you don’t see

I lay in your pocket

And breathe the air you breathe

But you don’t see.


Who are you? Who are we?


I am all the spit you had swallowed

While being scared of u scared

I crawl your fingertips

And don’t let you sleep

Stay awake, my sweet.


Who are you and who are we?





Undercover me.







I’ll be.

Being to a being.


Shamefully naked,

ego can not love.



I’ll grow.


For together one.




There is a hell in each and everyone of us.

A dance and so many ways.

There is a darkness and fear.

There is a heaven.

That’s all part of the deal.

Further away we are losing ourselves.

Further where the desire doesn’t exist,

where the restlessness can not be created.

Where the wind is dancing with you, where the sun hits in your will.

Further away.

Further from our existence,

further from a view, a touch and a late repentance.

Where you are me, and me you,

where they are us.

Where your hands don’t seem like yours.

Where the perfection comes from a breath.

Somewhere further away.

And a step closer.




Let us watch in ave

All the steps my week leg makes.

Like a shadow in the mirror

Reflects the weakness

Embraces itself not to exist anymore

Let us watch in ave

How it fades and turns black

and becomes just a glimpse of light again.

And again.




Days like this and days like others.

Like yesterday or tomorrow.

Heavy as presence.


Like the dance of a tongue,

like stains hidden under the rogue.

Memories or desires,

habits or excitement.

Restlessness and courage.

Screams and inhales.

Days like this and

days like others.

Keep passing by.




We are here for always.

And always is now.


I will hold you when the darkness comes.

Shimmer, my sudden angel.

Light up our years.

I will hold you always

and always is  now.




Morning talks,

long walks.

Early hours,

stale air and parfumes.

All those platonic loves in people’s eyes.

All the fear in their moves.

Happiness of a gentle touch.

Coffees and conversation.

The rising of the sun, the shadow of the moon.

Kissess and disappointments.

Shaking as it is the first time.

Rented apartments, and you, and I, and them.

Glow, fame, desire.

Broken glasses, sharp knives.

Cold rain and colored nights.

All our ways.

Life keeps moving on.


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