Embrace Your Self

While consistency is important

And commitment is too

Life certainly demands

A flexibility of you

All the versions of myself

Were never complete

different configurations

Alternative dreams

Embrace all the selves

That you used to be

So perfectly imperfect

Accepting humbly

Love the child

Who wasn’t shown love

Love the teen

Who thought she wasn’t enough

Love the emerging adult

Who was lost and confused

Love your present self

And all your future Yous


In a Few Steps

What am I going to wear tomorrow
Oh the curly headed boy with freckles from my
class last year!
Looking at his phone as he passes, eye contact
An opportunity to acknowledge each other as more
than just
Background, as living creatures that think and
pulse and desire,
Has passed
Probably that black skirt
Tomatoes on sale? But why do I need tomatoes
All my vegetables keep going bad, green lettuce
with mold,
Potatoes growing tentacles, about to walk right
out of that brown bag
Such waste it’s ridiculous I don’t need tomatoes
Oh damn all my black tights are in the wash
Then again, I could eat the tomatoes tonight
with the potatoes
Waste not want not
I wish it were true
Maybe want not waste not
But want too much, waste everything
I’ll just wear my leggings.